Only If: Available on Kindle $1.99

Read the epic tale of Billy and how he was framed for killing his wife… Read about his literal break-down in prison and how he gets revenge…It received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite. You need to read part 1 before part 2 is released this March. Only If is available on Kindle.

Ariana R. Cherry: Poet & Artist


Live in the madness with Bill as he relives the night of his wife Clara’s murder….

Find out how madness carried Bill to his very core….

Available on Kindle now! $3.99


5star-shiny-webChris-Jean Clarke for Readers’ Favorite

Only If by Ariana R. Cherry opens with Bill, an elderly dishevelled man, ranting to himself in his jail cell. He has been accused and found guilty of the murder of his wife, Clara. Bill, however, won’t accept he is in any way to blame, and over time begins to believe he has been framed by a dark lord, masquerading as his friend. To the courts and prison guards, Bill’s actions on the night of the murder and his behaviour and actions afterwards are a sign that he is mad, but to Bill, it is his situation that is madness and the dark lord, the evil one…

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