Lifting stay at home orders and moving from an infected pandemic to angry pandemonium

In Illinois, May 29, 2020, it was marked the end of the #stayathome order. Out of the entire United States, our state was actually the only one that met the guidelines to slowly reopen again – of course, other places around the U.S. had already began to open and much earlier than they should have. Restaurants are encouraged to offer outdoor seating rather than indoor, as the CDC believes it is safer. Many are still having curbside and delivery – as there are plenty of those who do not feel comfortable eating among others (I am one of those)…. There were also restaurants in our area that opened earlier for indoor dining than it was suggested….

Some retail stores have opened, limiting their capacity, although, not all of them are open. Beauty salons, massage and tattoo parlors have begun to open with restrictions. Churches are being encouraged to have outdoor services with social distancing or drive up. Groups with people no more than 10 are encouraged for indoor using masks and social distancing… … And people are no longer required to stay indoors, but encouraged to wear face coverings and use social distancing.

Some are following the suggestions of the CDC, while others are not… There are vulnerable residents and those with underlying health conditions that are still hesitant about participating in group activities or going out in public… Then there are the individuals who want to “go back to normal” and continue living their lives. We have been reminded that this pandemic is not over, as the virus is still out there. As restrictions ease though, I do worry, that some could start to feel and live as if the virus is gone. The truth is, we do not know where or when it could strike again… There is no vaccine and no reliable treatment. Businesses were hurting and thousands found themselves without a job… Some are looking for a life of how things were before the pandemic. The truth is, I am not quite sure it will ever be quite the same…especially now.

Just as quickly as the stay at home order was lifted, pandemonium began to strike after after a white Minnesota policeman, murdered African-American, #GeorgeFloyd by kneeling down on his neck, suffocating him. Others recorded the act on their cell phones and stood around the incident as Floyd fought for his life, stating he couldn’t breathe…

This act has created a ripple effect clear across the United States of protests and riots over black rights…. Ever since their early days of slavery, African Americans have been fighting for equal rights and freedom. And today, it still is a major issue. This murder has birthed pandemonium in some of the largest cities across the nation, crying out #blacklivesmatter and chanting there is too much injustice. While the officer was charged with murder and manslaughter, the other policeman still have yet to be convicted.

Mayors are setting curfews in the cities that have become the front-runners of the large protests and rioting. And even with the curfews set in place, those fighting, still refuse to step down

In the midst of a world-wide #pandemic, pandemonium has struck. It seems that the world has become unrest.. And even more so, after being “locked up” for the last couple of months. An invisible virus still lurks in our atmosphere and anger is firing in so many hearts. Not only are so many physically hurting , but emotionally as well. The world is both physically and emotionally sick.

It seems that no one will sleep easily in the nights to come, until they all feel safe again – whether it is from the virus, or feeling free, from the hatred of #racism and injustice. These are the days, that we must stand firm, be brave, and come together….

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