Sweet Surrender

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Inspirational Poetry
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Under the glorious rays of sunlight beams,
her eyes closed as a white warmth enveloped her body.

There was no stopping the sweet surrender,
no turning back.
The black was burning into a bright flaming fire.

Her soul was released.
Her drowning soul could breathe.
It would sing!
Blowing out the flames of rage.

A heart so fierce,
beating out of control,
there was no stopping her

A soul that was blind,
could now see,
and feel the unbinding power
released from within the infinity of the universe.

The burning fire that melted her heart with pain,
was washed away in tears like pouring rain.

The tears flowed so freely,
unlocking her soul
which now could sing!

She had a voice,
she made her choice.
No longer would she stay silent,
writhing in dark pain…
Her soul would sing!

The powers of one and all,
The glorious sins that it once was,
foretold the beauty of her heart
decorating it with stars from the universe.

The rush of her warm blood,
flowing through aching veins,
unlocking the depths of her relentless soul. 

That heavy creaking wooden door,
locked beneath the core of her broken heart,
had finally opened,
Unlocking the key to her lonely soul.

Awake and anew,
there was no stopping 
this sweet surrender,

No turning back!
Her soul was released…
Her soul could breathe.

It would sing! 

-Ariana Cherry 2014



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