Dark Poetry: Hungry Wolves of Black Friday


Just some miles hidden within the utter darkness,
I could hear their earnest mourns
and undoubted cries.
They echoed horrendously off sensitive eardrums
which brought painful tears to swollen sinus driven eyes.

Deafening cries and mourns similar to rabid hungry wolves
yelling out atrocious obscenities over careless irrelevant matters.
It didn’t take such an imaginative mind
for one to recognize humans who had gone
humanless with hearts gone blind.

Humans losing their true race,
perhaps more animialistic
losing what little grace
they had left.

In what spec of courage I could muster,
so I shall did peak,it hurt painfully ever so…
One could never believe,
the distressing photographic images for which I did see!

Pale skinned fleshy arms flailing,
and chapped mouths watering and muttering unspoken languages
that spewed from their gnarly teeth.

Small little ones, short and once loved,
were forced to be an accomplice,
stood scared with confusion,
hollering for absent comfort.

Staring beyond the hungry ravages,
these now not so innocent eyes saw leftovers set aside
thrown to and fro.
And other bounties that had scattered amongst the dust,
left aside to rust.

The people were no longer people!
Tunes which thought to hypnotize and calm
only delivered frustration and distraught.

From what thy little eyes did spy,
My beaten heart did break,
for it was all that this defeated spirit could take.
This was a jungle where hope had surely gone astray.

Into the utter darkness,
I forfeited, hunkering back,
for I was ashamed and forsaken.

Monsterous mourns and eerie cries still
echoed off the late night darkened skies.
And here I was left to ponder with tears in thy eyes,
When will humanity ever even try?

– Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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