Sharing a dream I had…You can decide whether it was real….or just a dream….


I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. A lot weighs on my mind in the evenings. I think about so many things… I’ve been contemplating whether to post this or not – because I really am not sure if anyone would believe me or not… Or they would tell me… “It was just a dream…” … Well sure  – but… I feel like I was showed something in this dream…

I am not morbid- But…the end of life… well, it weighs on me a lot. For some reason, I’ve always felt that I may not be here incredibly long… I could be wrong. And it isn’t that I want to die anytime soon… AS I cherish life and all the beauty that comes with it – even with all the roadblocks in between. I’ve just always felt…limited – like I need to accomplish all I can….soon. That could also just be my very task oriented mind too – so … I am not incredibly definite on that.

… But sometimes, Death just enters my mind… What will it be like?…. What will happen ? I have quite a collection of books about the afterlife….Stories from NDE’s… and all sorts of stuff… Preparation and research I guess you could call it….

… So a few nights ago… I straight out asked/prayed in my mind…”just show me something“….Show me something in my dream….. Ease my mind…. ease my heart… ” I realize that was pretty brave of me… but … what did I have to lose? Except for some sleep, perhaps?

And so… I went to sleep….somewhere in the middle of the night….in my dream… Someone was talking to me… It was pure white all around. Bright white and warm… A shadowy figure I couldn’t really make out approached me… They were very nice. It was neither male or female… It wasn’t a dark shadow either – it seemed as if it were some sort of blue outline with light coming from all directions around it… They took me into a room with many seats and there was a big screen… I was told that is where I would sit one day… This is where I would learn. There was an old reel in the room off somewhere on a table… A few items from my past played a little – like a preview and then it was stopped…I also woke up.  I woke up more mystified than ever…

…. You can decide from here – whether you believe me or not…. or if it was …just a dream. 

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