Dark Poetry: No Name


No Name

I’ve been stripped of everything I used to know.
Left naked, vulnerable and my skin, unsewn.

On display for everyone to see,
but through that window,
it isn’t who I appear to be.

They’ve taken my insides,
and turned them outside in.

My soul they tugged and tugged,
but, it just wouldn’t give.

My spirit, they fought…
Again, another losing battle…
They just couldn’t win.

But they’ve torn and tattered my skin.
Stamped me with their sins.

Bruised and chained..
Left alone.
They couldn’t see all the good I’ve done.
I just didn’t fit their name.

They tried to pierce my unbreakable heart.
Pulled and pinned
Trying to rip it apart.

But again.
It was too tough.
So again, they left me for none.

What was is that I could give?
They’ve declothed and left me for sin…

And now, I’m here on display
naked and vulnerable for all of them to shame…

I won’t let them see me weep,
I won’t call them by name.

I’ll hold onto my heart,
sing through my soul,
and love thyself,

because even with no name,
with my spirit I am whole.

-Ariana Cherry 2016

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