Dark Poetry: Scrooged Soul


Scrooged Soul

Inside the dear old aged man,
a cracked heart once made of gold,
was now broken,
hurt with joyful stories he no longer told.

Tunes of joyous delight,
and Christmases of bright,
hurt his somber soul.
A once bright heart,
had gone stone cold,
a lustrous light gone in the dark.

Tis, such a time as this,
when he saw the holly
where young couples would kiss-
It only made him ache more
and so on Christmas,
he shut the door.

Years ago, a time was merry.
All his friends, jubilant with life
and love was pure, offering promise and hope…

Such a dear old man,
a heart once of faith,
harrowing times, made him heavyhearted
in a world where holly would no longer radiate green
and Christmas bulbs flickered in a melancholic beat.

For faith and revelation needed to be born,
in a world where his Christmas was torn.
For thy studious soul was bewildered in the dark.
All the aged man needed, was a hope to light again,
his Christmas spark.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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