Spoken Word Poetry: “Untold Secrets”


I have recorded another one of my poems, “Untold Secrets,” on my poetry podcast, “Spoken Word Poetry Podcast.” Be sure to check it out by clicking on the link/play button below. The poem has also been posted below for you to follow along.




Listen to: Spoken Word Poetry: “Untold Secrets.”


Through the heavy depths of a cloudy murky fog,
Secrets lay low, careful to not make a sound.
Behind the black curtain of hidden darkness,
the unknown is still,
waiting to be released
to the unexpected.

Inside the lonely night of moonlight and stars,
one’s hope is deceiving
as madness waits to scream.

The waiting arms of terror sit patiently
to capture the wanderers in search
of the unexpected…
To imprison those on a search for the untold secrets.

The heart of madness
and the spark of terror
make up such a monstrous creature of horror
who waits for his unforeseen captives…

Captives who tip-toe through the somber blackness
to unlock the enlightening treasures of untold dreadful nightmares
and solve the secrets that only appear in lucid dreams.

The answers that go untold buried far beneath a crumbling earth
and a hope that gets lost and carried away into the abyss.

The captives attempt to capture faith
to keep it warm in the horrid blackness of the grim night
as the secrets go unspoken,
forever being imprisoned to the terror that blankets
a trembling world on hold
as it waits
in a frightening silence.

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