Awesome inspiration tool for writing poetry or other journal entries

As a writer, I am always looking for new ways to inspire me for topics to write about. Sometimes the books that I read, movies that I watch or even the music I listen to inspires me to write a poem. Awhile back, I added this cool new desktop little “flip-book” to my Amazon wish list and my boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas. Obviously, I was pretty happy to get this. 🙂 I love flipping through it to create different sayings.

You can flip through the cards to create different inspirations and quotes, etc… These can also help inspire me to write a poem or even a journal entry. It also can possibly help start your day on a positive note or even give you something to think about. After the whirlwind year we’ve had, even a small positive sentence can help us start our day on a good note.

Once I create a poem using this neat little flip book, I will post it here on my blog… The first one I am working on started with this quote…. “Never forget the magic invoked by everything you see.” I am looking forward to writing that poem.

If you’d like to see more about this cool inspiration booklet, you can check it out on Amazon. It is under $20 and well worth the price. My boyfriend and I both have PRIME which also allowed us to have free shipping. So if you are someone looking for inspiration – and maybe you have some Amazon gift cards you want to use that you got for Christmas (or perhaps even a birthday), you can check out this cool item.

Knock Knock Desktop Inspiration Generator: An Inspirational Quote Flip Book!

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