Spiraling into the Abyss

Spiraling into the abyss.


Spiraling into a deep dark abyss,
she was interrupted during a time
when she had just started living.

A second of her life,
had become measured
into increments of
what felt like an eternity.

The dark abyss had captured her
overworked mind,
A mind that had become restless,
keeping her awake during times,
when she really should have been dancing.

But time
had interrupted that.
It had taken her on a trip through
a time suspended spiraling abyss
where the light was dim,
and the darkness was cold.

Someone had violently pushed her in,
because they were hurt from
hard emotions
that just didn’t win.

And now, she fought to raise up,
To rise above, the dark abyss.

All around her,
memories of a tortured past
spun around,
like dust particles floating in
a viscious wind.

This abyss was not hers.
The war was not hers to fight.
Her heart ached for
the the precious warmth
of the light.

This spiraling dark abyss
was not going to break her.
In fact, the voice from deep within her soul,
would be the thing,
to save her
and raise her up.

No darkness
or any spiraling abyss
would imprison her spirit.

Her light
would shine.


-Ariana Cherry 2015

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