Poetry: Warrior Angels



We are not broken

We are not battered…


Our souls might have shattered,

but they will be mended,

as each piece is put back together…


We are warriors,

our hearts were not broken –

they were only conditioned,

so that they could grow stronger.


When the desolate fog creeps in

through an unsteady mind of haunting thoughts,

We get ready for battle,

because it is all that we know.


Battle has become second nature

At one time, our hearts were whole,

but then, darkness stomped on it,

and we were left with the war of healing.


In time, spirits were lifted up

and found their dance once again with the stars.


Warmth radiated from the sun,

introducing a newfound love

that once was hidden in a smog of darkness…


No longer, were the nights so lonely and full of fear,

because through the battles, the moon offered a light of hope.


Tattered wings no more.

A glass heart, no longer transparent.


We are not battered.

We have not lost.

We are angel warriors.

We have won.


-Ariana R. Cherry 2016

7 thoughts on “Poetry: Warrior Angels

  1. Pm Greenwood says:

    Beautiful! I feel this all the time. No one knows what I have been through and how much I struggle daily. They say I am strong. They say I am brave. I am a warrior, every day.


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