On Writing Horror: why?


…..Horror gets a bad vibe sometimes…. People ask – “Why do you write about horror?” “What got you involved in the “dark side?” …. 

–First of all….”The dark side?” – All of us “involved,” aren’t necessarily evil. Nor, are we bad people. Many of us are kind loving individuals who just happen to be very creative.

We have imaginations that take us to all those places that others are afraid to visit – or can not visit….Some of us had things happen in life – that inspired the stories that we write.

And then there are others that just like to entertain – because it is fun. And – there are people who just love being scared. It is a fact.

“But isn’t writing about horror a sin?”

-No. It is not a sin. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that a person can’t write horror….

There are tons of scary movies in Hollywood and people watch them everyday. – Many of those Hollywood producers and actors aren’t getting condemed. So why hassle a horror author?

…and not everything that I write is dark. Often – I try to tell a story, provide insight or shed some inspiration to others through my writing.  I have written inspirational, humorous and horror.

Aren’t many horror authors involved in witch-craft?

Ummm….no. In fact, many of us are loving Christians…. hard to believe, huh?

My close friends and family who know me – know that I am a very kind, compassionate and loving  person. I go out of my way to help others and I love and care for those I am close to. I just like to write about scary things sometimes because it is fun. And I like to believe my writing is a gift….I love to write… so why not share it with the world? – even if some of it is kind of scary to read with the lights out…

.….even in those darkest moments -there is a light on…..somewhere….

Writers’ gifts and imagination are not a sin……. We love to share our scary tales – and we love and care for the fans who do so…..



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