Dark Poetry:Nightmares in Thy Mind



Nightmares in Thy Mind

Nobody realizes the horror that takes
comfort in your own bed
when terrible dreaded nightmares take estate in your wandering head.

Restless thoughts of tormenting insecurities
give birth in a relentless mind…
It seems as if hope has escaped
when faith has just began to blossom.

In a dark room, where sleep takes a wrong turn,
and eyes twitch a battle
for the fight to be awake,
Only to lose to tormenting illusions and an overactive imagination
that come to life in our helpless trapped mind.

Only in the dead of a darkened twilight,
does our mind’s voice scream the loudest,
or that our soul feels like an eternal prison.

The conversations we refuse to hear in the safety of the day,
Speak up uninvited and carry through the darkness,
as undesirable words grip our terrorized heart
that now beats slowly- frozen cold.
Nightmare’s prison has captured our most inner fears.

The claws of darkness grasp the core of our sanity
We whimper into the air for release,
as our soul chokes on fear’s poison…

These horrific tribulations that haunt thy mind
has made faith blind and buried hope.

The frightened small child from deep within us reappears,
and we beg for mericful daylight
so that all of Lucifer’s monsters dissipate…

And then,
we can awake.

– Ariana R. Cherry 2017


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