Poetry: The Whispers



In my ear, you whisper that you are near,
Your silence doesn’t prevail long…

In the moments, when my lights are beaming,
You whisper through the cool air,
proving thee wrong.

Thy journey through the murky fog,
is not done…

Some days, your haunting whispers are louder
than my joyful song.
I fight to mute the disheartening chants,

Those emotional fears that drown me alive,
all because of those whispered words
that you connive.

I pull on the shredding strings of remaining hope,
while you attempt to bury and stake them
through the ground.

Each day, your whispers attempt to
envelop, twist and bound.
Sometimes, it’s like sinking sand,
trying to push me further down.

All I pray for is peace…
for those whispered threats to be no more..
And to let the sunlight in through the door.

I no longer enjoy this restless game…

Stop the chaos!

See the light!

AND I WILL tell you thy name!

– Ariana R Cherry 2017

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